Backstory (in third-person)

Tobi is self-taught computer programmer who started working while in high school. Through a serendipitous meeting of someone in his high school computer science class in 2005, he went to work at HBW Leads LLC and taught himself C# and SQL. He used those technologies to increase the productivity of telemarketers who were trying to help people save money on insurance. It was there that he developed a love of automation and efficiency.

After two years of real-world experience developing software, he went to Portland State University to study computer science and math. Having a low SAT score, he had to learn mathematics from a remedial start, and spent 5 years in undergradate. He worked his way up to partial differential equations and algebraic topology, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, with a 3.7 GPA. It was there that he learned C++ and Nvidia CUDA, which can be used to make very fast programs.

Working as a web developer at Goldstar Events he helped scale a monolithic web application from 5 million to over 15 million users. He also built an experimental ledger system aimed at efficiently allocating complimentary event inventory.

As a software engineer at FlightStats, he developed high-performance flight data processing applications. It was there he learned the importance of good leadership and management.

Starting in 2018, he joined Amazon, initially working on streaming video, he transitioned to robotics in 2020. Working on robots was a deliberate move based on his observation of the major bottlenecks that he observed during the coronavirus-induced recession. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he noticed that delivery times for packages and groceries had skyrocketed, and this surge in demand laid bare a problem that needed a solution. Even though Amazon had hired 175,000 people, there were still customers who need to be served faster. Given the disappointing state of robotics, he took the initiative of seeking out a team developing robots to deliver packages, and joined the team to help them make it a reality.