DIY Sliding Door Fix

There is something meaningful and fulfilling about the maintenance of a house and family. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

There is one thing though, the screen door. That damn thing keeps popping off. I finally bought a new door recently, it had been working well for a few months, but it failed too! The problem was the screws that keep the springs from collapsing don’t hold, so one side collapses and the door eventually pops off the rail again.

I used this caliper to measure the size of the cavity inside the bottom part of the sliding door. Then I made this 3D model in Rhinoceros 6:

Then I 3D printed that model on an Ender 3 printer using PLA plastic:

It fit perfectly into the screen door, with an opening to fasten the screw:

I am happy with how it turned out, a surprising amount of things can be fixed with the right shaped piece of plastic. This 3D printer has been a very useful and fun thing to own, I would recommend the Ender 3 for anyone on the fence about 3D printing.