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Year of the Rabbit

The year 2022 for me was good, better than I expected. The things I am most greatful for:

  • Our third child, first daughter, was born ❤️
  • I joined a great team at SUSE
  • We sold our Renton house and bought our perfect house in Portland
  • We met a family who adopted one of our rabbits, which lead to a cluster of amazing synchronicities that continue to surprise me

The last part is symbolically appropriate going into 2023, which in the Chinese zodiac is the Year of the Rabbit. Synchronicity is a term that Carl Jung introduced to name the experience of a coincidence that appears meaningful, but which doesn’t have a normal causal explanation. His preferred explanation for synchronicities was a collective unconscious mind that creates these symbolically rich coincidences, but I don’t think that’s necessary to invoke.

Jung’s big contribution here was simply naming the phenomenon. For now I’ll leave it unexplained. Eric Wargo thinks they might be caused by Time Loops, but I’ll leave that out as well. I am currently agnostic about the mechanism. For now I am simply going to follow the rabbit into the future, through the Year of the Rabbit.

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