I wrote pdf2png to make a fast PDF to PNG converter, uses C.

I wrote manipulate-mediastream to learn how to process data from a WebRTC stream and render it in an HTML5 <canvas> element

To calculate the number of sats per U.S. penny, I wrote a sats calculator

I wrote math-canvas.js so I could write my post explaining why Imaginary Numbers are Real

For the post about the timelapse I took of my tree, I wrote some python code to extract the JPG images from the camera and make a video

The Ise Grand Go program

There’s some backstory here. My friend taught me how to play Go back in 2011. I wrote a mostly-working Go program in JS in 2014, then re-wrote it in Ruby in 2014, then re-wrote it again in 2018. The reason I call it Ise Grand is because the Ise Grande Shrine in Japan is rebuilt every 20 years, and has been for 1300 years. I keep rewriting the game to make it better, and never get around to playing it.