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The Curse of Ideological Dimensionality

The left-right axis is so simplistic, right? People’s complex views can’t be projected down to 1-dimension, so Very Online people have invented higher-dimensional spaces to tag themselves in, like this political plane: The two dimensions in that plane only cover social and economic issues, but what about technology, violence, spirituality, sexuality, or the bulldozer-vetocracy axis? Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, wrote a very good article arguing for this bulldozer-vetocracy axis.

Asking ChatGPT to explain hyperconverged infrastructure

In my post last year, Moving to SUSE I said I would spend more time explaining what Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) was. The way I would describe HCI is that it’s a way of structuring a data center so that the storage, compute, and networking resources are all bundled into the same boxes, and then software abstracts over it, allowing nodes to use resources of other machines. An example of something that’s not HCI is a SAN, or a Storage-Area Network.