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Dapper Build tool: consistent builds with docker

This articles shows how to use the dapper build tool from Rancher Labs. The basic idea is to use Docker containers, copy* your source files into the container environment, then compile, then copy the build artefacts out. (* on Linux you can also use the mount mode to avoid copying the files.) How to use it: you start by installing Go so you can compile Dapper. I know, I know, but if you will humor me, I will convince you that Go is the last programming language compiler you will need to install on your host.

Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know

There’s an indispensible file called Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know, originally by Jeff Dean of Google. I use a Roam Research plugin to do spaced repetition and memorize these numbers. But memorizing them is not good enough, I should also measure these numbers and see how close the values are in practice. I created a Repl in Go to directly measure these numbers. I started with mutex lock/unlock. Locally, I get about 19ns, but the repl gives me between 12-14ns.