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Wildfire West

The West Coast is on fire This post is addressing the question of causality. When reading social media, I noticed three patterns: arguing about climate change and causality (e.g. climate change caused this and no-it-didn’t back and forth) rumors about the whole thing being caused by Antifa or Boog arsonists (multiple police departments have debunked this) dismissals based on ‘fires being natural’ The real cause of the fires is not a single cause.

The Twenty-Tens, a decade in review

I think New Year is the best holiday, for two reasons. First, everyone celebrates it, and second, I love clocks rolling over. Something about numbers going up is really satisfying too (2020, it’s the highest year ever!). This New Year is also the start of a new decade, so I’m feeling more like reminiscing and want to wrap up the last decade into something like a sensible story I can file away in my memory.