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K3s Cluster on Raspberry Pis

I wanted to build a HA (High Availability) Kubernetes cluster out of Raspberry Pis. I succeeded in doing so, here’s how to make one of these: List of hardware 3 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B’s 1 TPLink 5 Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Switch (I had this laying around for 6 years and slapped a Kubernetes sticker on it) A bunch of short ethernet cables and USB micro cables Software The latest version of k3s (a lightweight kubernetes distribution) supports an embedded etcd instance, instead of previous versions that depended on an external MySQL database.

Cybernetics in the Age of the Cloud

There’s an old saying: There is no such thing as the cloud, there’s just someone else’s computer. That saying is true on the object level, a cloud provider is just a service that runs your app on a bunch of computers that belong to the service owner, like AWS or Google Cloud. But while it’s true that there isn’t a cloud there, it’s also true in the same way that there is no “computer” there.

Moving to SUSE

After 3.6 years at Amazon, I’ve decided to move to another company to work on open source software. The company is SUSE, they make a Linux distribution and sell cloud computing services, among other things. At Amazon I worked on AWS Elemental’s Live (video streaming software), a small video encoding device, and the Amazon Scout robotics project. At Scout I built software that controls the robots when autonomy fails, and I worked on safety features and performance optimization of a distributed application that ran on a cluster of servers managed by AWS Fargate.