Gun control and safety

Another mass shooting happened today. I don’t usually write about this, but it happened in Roseberg, Oregon, close to where I live. Too close. I do understand that it is morally equivalent to a

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USA FREEDOM Act Failed Cloture in the Senate

The Senate version of the USA FREEDOM Act failed cloture* yesterday. Senator Patrick Leahy made changes to the house version of the bill. This bill would have been a necessary, albeit incremental check on the NSA’s wide-reaching surveillance programs.

  • cloture is a procedure to end debate and move forward on a vote.

Logical consistency in Law

Washington state has two contradictory initiatives on the ballot this year. Initiative 591 (I-591) would prevent background checks for gun purchases except when required by the federal government. In

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Git merge conflicts in the Law

Short post, just wanted to share this: I am resolving git merge conflicts in the law. #lovemyjob — Joshua Tauberer (@JoshData) September 5, 2014 It reminded me of an earlier post I had on viewi

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USA FREEDOM Act passes house

About 9 months ago I wrote about NSA bulk spying and how the way the FISA court is being used upsets the balance of powers in the government, the two bills I referenced have a 4% and 2% chance of bein

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Assurance Contracts with Bitcoin

This is a great article by Arianna Simpson about using bitcoin to implement assurance contracts. The example she uses is crowdfunding. This is an example of using cryptocurrencies to implement contrac

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