On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

Timothy Snyder’s cogent essay “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century” draws on his careful study of 20th Century European history. It gives a list of 20 rules, or &ls

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Gun control and safety

Another mass shooting happened today. I don’t usually write about this, but it happened in Roseberg, Oregon, close to where I live. Too close. I do understand that it is morally equivalent to a

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White House releases first ever open source budget proposal

The White House just released the first ever open source budget proposal. It is released on GitHub, and it’s a bunch of CSV files. This is not very difficult, it requires only a few extra clicks

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USA FREEDOM Act Failed Cloture in the Senate

The Senate version of the USA FREEDOM Act failed cloture* yesterday. Senator Patrick Leahy made changes to the house version of the bill. This bill would have been a necessary, albeit incremental check on the NSA’s wide-reaching surveillance programs.

  • cloture is a procedure to end debate and move forward on a vote.

Logical consistency in Law

Washington state has two contradictory initiatives on the ballot this year. Initiative 591 (I-591) would prevent background checks for gun purchases except when required by the federal government. In

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Open Primaries in Oregon could render political parties irrelevant

There is a promising measure on the Oregon ballot this year, Measure 90. If Measure 90 passes, it would replace the primary election system that is currently in place. Right now, voters must register

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