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Review of Working in Public

The story of open source software most of us believe is wrong. The production of open source software isn’t like some egalitarian commune, it’s driven mostly by a few individuals. Through analyzing git commit frequency distributions and interviewing prominent open source contributors and maintainers, Nadia Eghbal captures the living history of open source software. In addition, she also analyses the main problems of maintenance that threaten the long term sustainability of open source software.

Compiling C to WebAssembly

Ten years ago, a coworker tried to teach me cribbage on my last day, but I was too drunk to follow. I walked several miles home and lost my phone in a movie theater. The following year, I met my future wife, and she was a cribbage fan. She taught me, and I’ve loved the game ever since. Six years ago, I wrote this cribbage score calculator in C. It takes a string like JH 2C 3C 3S JS, and returns the full accounting of the score in a game of cribbage.


I have a fascination with time. Two years ago, our family planted a tree in our back yard. A few months prior, my dad and I built an overhang that provides shade. I used a pillar supporting the overhang to point this timelapse camera at the tree. I bought that camera because of it’s low battery usage, and how it uses standard JPEGs on a standard SD card. That gives me raw material to compress a large amount of time into a nice video.

Conway's Game of Life

John H. Conway has passed away, his contributions to math are too numerous for me to list in this post. What I wanted to explore in this post is one of his “recreational math” contributions: The Game of Life. If you haven’t heard, It’s this zero player computer “game”: Not this multi-player board game: I scare-quoted game because there are no actual players. It is an example of a cellular automaton, which is a simple program that evolves over time according to a fixed, simple set of rules.

Piano ♪

To start the decade off right, I decided to learn the piano. I am paying for lessons from Ethan Maier, he’s excellent, I’ve been enjoying learning from him and practicing. Since I only have a piano at home, I wanted to make one that I could use on the go. Here is the simplest way I could think of to make a portable piano program: There is an standard for simple web graphics called SVG, which lets you define custom shapes that show up in any web browser.