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CWEB LaTeX Experiment

I have written about literate programming a few times before. The big idea is to elevate documentation above the actual running source code. Source code is meant for humans to read, that’s why it has higher-level abstractions and comments. Literate programming flips the roles of comments and source code. The comments come first, and the source code is stripped out and tangled into a compilable form. I am still not totally sure what to think about it.

Unix Epoch Time

Unix Epoch Time is the number of seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time zone). This arbitrary moment in time is defined as “the beginning”, and this timezone used as the reference. The more you work with times, dates, time zones and daylight saving time, the more you will come to appreciate constant points of reference like this. Below is a tool for working with and understanding dates and times and epoch numbers.


There are at most 21 million Bitcoin, the currency code for it is BTC, and the Unicode character for it is ₿ By definition, 1 bitcoin is 100 million “sats”, short for Satoshi. Sats are labeled with § ₿ 1 = §100,000,000 = 1¢ = If you think this is valuable, then tip me some sats or BATs. (BAT works if you are using the Brave web browser).